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Dorin Chirtoaca reveals information on Valeriu Boboc’s death


More and more information appear, one year after the April events, on Valeriu Boboc’s death. Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of Chisinau, declared during a Tv show, on March 23, that he has certain information on the abuses of April 7 from one source inside the Minister of Interior Affairs.

Almost 60 policemen, dressed as civilians, received an order from the present police commissar, Serghei Cociorva, to arrest those who were between the Puskin street and the Parliament”, said Chirtoaca.

According to him, the policemen beat, in the proximity of the Triumphal Arc, on the night of April 7, a group of young people among which was also Valeriu Boboc. “Those who beat them are Ruslan Saachian, the chief of the Criminal Police, and Ghenadie Florea”. The mayor of Chisinau also said Saachian was the one who called the ambulance, but afterwards decided to take Valeriu Boboc, in a car Niva, to the Special Squadron “Fulger”, announcing this to the emergency hospital.

Dorin Chirtoaca declared that all this information will be verified. He also added that the recent affirmations of the former President Vladimir Voronin, that Valeriu Boboc was hurt and thrown off the Parliament, only prove his complicity as a moral author to all the crimes of April 2009.

The press service of the General Commissariat of the Police refused to comment on the mayor’s statements because ”only the General Prosecutor Institution, hierarchically superior, can offer information related to the persons involved in the evens of April 7”.